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We are not yet so far advanced as to be able to discover the causes

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in the blood as the injurious factor. Whoever regards this as the

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happy effects. It makes a clear mixture and does not, like most

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The superstition that a person, who has been bitten by a dog, which

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proteids of the tissues. Even this latter fraction differs somewhat widely in

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common among young persons and children, and for the sake of

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rules governing the nourishment (see etiology) , together with a change

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cereaux, in 1877, on the strength of numerous clinical and anatomical

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There is a large and respectable class, however, who cannot select

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common use and represent the whole class sufficiently for these pages.

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caused from such a misstep may be so severe as to require several

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larger, but to this there are exceptions. Tumors seldom, if ever,


the publication of his essay there is an almost complete blank

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theria. VI. — Measles or Rubeola. Measles, German

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led to altered treatment. If lactic acid were the rheumatic poison it

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Sometimes abscesses break out upon the limbs, nature making an

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or monthly sickness, and ends in about nine calender months, or to

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aged or debilitated persons and very young children.

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anuria, of acute nephritis may afford an even better indication of the

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vessels and stand out as prominent landmarks of the body. The

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only to encourage burning up of the fat but also to oxidize the sugar

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or coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose, thrusting a hairpin or ear

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different factors — the morbid condition of the blood, and the inflamed

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able intervals, or may recur so quickly that the patient's condition may be

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water. This treatment is to be continued for a long time.

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some cases there is irritability of the stomach, and the food and medi-

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The ideal method of treating these maladies, an ideal which may

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very gently on to the surface of the acid. If albumin be present an opaque

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The carbonate of ammonia is a reliable stimulant of the lungs in

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rises at the same time, and the skin is covered with a free perspira-

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writers who have illuminated the subject since Garrod commenced

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nuity of the spinous processes which may be felt by running the lin-

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was readilj*^ accounted for. In acute rheumatism the excess of lactic

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outbreaks of the maladj' can be with difficultj^ evaded, because they

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a variable period of suffering the paroxysm subsides, unless cut

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common seats of rheumatic inflammation — fourteen in the joints and

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doses — from 30 to 45 minims at night, and half that quantity in the

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the influence of fat and fat-forming materials upon the imi)ortant

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a resolution was adopted declaring it to be " of the

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4. One attack of malarial fever seems to render the system more

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leger, et lorsqu'il u'occuiDe qu'uu petit uombre cV articulations d'un

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to trust; and these are essentially the indications of nervous distur-

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an alternative arrangement the current may be reduced, and the nega-