changes of temperature, to wit : cold and suddenly checking perspira-
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whicn in many cases was difficult to control. Relapses from im-
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Nothinff could exceed the combined coolness and skill manifested
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Since July I5th. 1S07, the hiw coiieerninR examination
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in formalin at the beginning of the experiment for comparison; three were used
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Those strains which previously were agglutinable only in the
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of speech. The symptoms of slight .extravasation simulate very closely
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cised in prognosticating the result of any case, for the mildest cases some-
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patient while about his usual avocations suddenly stops, or drops whatever
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tail atrophy; one with well developed hind legs and no forelegs; the other two were
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observations indicated the wind from the north of east, eleven from
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voted to chemical inquiries, became a sufferer from extreme photo-
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standing ; in pregnant women ; with menstrual irregularities ;
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was 1 sq. cm. decreased only to 0.3 instead of 0.08, and that the
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ture rose to 37.6°C. Coughing increased considerably. The temperature re-
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and roughened to some extent The case was treated by leeches,
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salt, which can be eliminated by the kidneys. Its administration should
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I wrapped this small tube iu cotton aud that again iu lead foil in such a
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did themselves great injustice, and gave to the public a very erro-
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sarily breaking at various lengths; hence the life of man has been
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of this country. It was first proposed in Boston, by an anonymous
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3. The presence of normally existing iso-antibodies (agglutinins
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important items and first to be secured, the amendment
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FlG. 1. Cortical layer of a normal thymus from a 12 day embryo; intensive
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gestion or from after consequences appear to be as great from the
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facture of Kumyss, gives the following details for its
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limbs at the time of the discharge. The colour of the stools is usu-
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before they could be removed. In every ease there was vomiting
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most active state of inflammatioD, while others have contended that
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cumstances in which it is placed, untrammelled by extraneous mat-
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be in the suspended stage. No. 44 died in 7 weeks. It had progressive lesions
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one of these attacks, which was followed by excessive intolerance
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Elongated, octahedral, colorless crystals of albaminoid material are often
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The original fragment (Culture E 276), a small piece of the dorsal part of the eyes,