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disease and miliary aneurysms within the brain. "It cannot be
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Within the media is placed the intima, which consists of a fenes-
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of necrosis were seen in the subcutaneous tissues. These were made up of large
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mild, but with definite and typical eruption. She has lost 22 pounds in two
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between number of reported deaths and number of reported cases in
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consisting chiefly of flour, or corn products or potatoes, and often with
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lasted one week, developing after an infection in the right forefinger and
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at Basle. The largest dosage used was 48 mg. in twenty-four hours.
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pains in his legs, pins-and-needles sensation in his arms and weakness of his
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matter in groups as natural as possible — to classify its parts by the tie
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thyroid gland. This observation led the author 11 to suggest in 1891
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cially in cases of some duration, though observers differ as to their act-
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upstroke of the galvanometer curve indicated primary negativity in
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end of which time death occurred in consequence of a new rupture.
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show change in the heart. Walshe declared that he was able to dis-
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irritating particles first cause a more defined obliterative endarteritis
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heart muscle, which cannot supply the additional sudden demand,
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finger below and to a goose quill above. The upper two to three
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excess of fibrous tissue. This fibrous change was chiefly in the
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greatly aids the venous circulation. The conclusion of Mr. A.
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mother's sister and mother's parents. Other cases might be cited.
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or bladder in the attempt to overcome an obstacle at the orifice of
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of the sphyginograph as to cause a very marked obliquity of the up-
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10. Greenwald : Estimation of Nonprotein Nitrogen in Blood, Jour. Biol.
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ing almost absent during the day, but severe in the night. The
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splits up the invading protein. The resulting split products, according
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plainly states. For example, he examined no infants on the first day
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normal dog's heart. There is an auriculoventricular interval, which is
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of combined lesions. Notwithstanding the apparent evidence to the
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coursing parallel to the axis of the vessel and sometimes placed
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patient was unimproved by salvarsan and mercury, but great improve-
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hours after the intravenous injection of 0.4 mg. of strophanthin. There is
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sometimes soft as a whispered who, at other times loud and rough. In
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interference be so meddlesome and mischievous. Because a man has
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1.4 per cent. With diet containing a daily average of 66.39 gm. of fat
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increased frequency of the pulse, elevation of the temperature above
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. * 82. Ord and White : British Medical Journal, July 29, 1893, p. 217.
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\7. Left dorsal limb, internal capsule, including portions of the putamen
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