Another example of preventive medical practice that Medicare does not cover is the annual flu shot,

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rowful instance in Rheinland during the past few years, where, aj>

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Walter Carr read a paper based on 120 necropsies upon children suffering

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pillars of the Louisville school, has returned with well-merited distinc-

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State on admission : Patient is a girl, aged 21, with the general

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such perfect rest and consequent immunity from pain be procured for

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laxis to many diseases. The nucleins have some good

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drawn between an ossification and a calcification of the blood-vessels.

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first instance, which it was alleged was improper. The medical evidence waa

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for them right along and that thc.v had no complaints.

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exercise of an organ, or its constant over-stimulation.

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Experimentally,^ so-called cirrhosis, but usually minor and circum-

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at night ; and, fifteen or twenty minutes after its ailniin-

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with an increased incidence of birth defects. We would like

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keep up the heart's action aud the respiration until

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tribution on this subject consisted in the narration of a case of lacerated cervix,

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Rigidity. Kven these conditions without apparent de-

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ing and pain had returned violently, and the pulse was 110; ano-

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ciently long space of time has elapsed since the operation, to enable

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the contractile effect of collodion, it is necessary to apply several

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diseases mentioned. Thus in a case reported very recently by

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pelvic pain, loss of flesh, nor serious illness had ever been complained of.

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" There is scarcely a single organ of the body," says Professor

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uterus was therefore removed entire, and the patient recovered.

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by direct interference with these processes. But if we are

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was followed by the development of a large number of nod-

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Hautkrankheiten in Berlin. Zweite durchgesehene und erweiterte