trophy of the left ventricle. In these cases he believes it to be
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Though the seizures may be most marked on the sensory, motor, or
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tremely important point since certain kinds of food deteriorate
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plenty of water is increased permanently, not temporarily, we are led
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Db. Howako Liuenthai. opened the discussion on this topic.
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Medicine, College Physicians and Surgeons. Vol. II.
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ligaments of the joints. Th^se, Dr. Godman has shown, are con-
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no account whatever, admit the reinstatement of one
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years ago. If, however, he asserts, suppuration has begun or is on the
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is essentially generalized in all instances, however, I do not doubt.
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chicum — Colocynth— Elaterium — Jalap— Licorice
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^ Centmlbl. f. Nervenli. u. PsychiaL, Cobleiiz u. Leipzig, 1895, N. F., Bd. vi.
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applied directly to the exposed heart. (6) It may be pos-
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Differential Diagnosis. — This important matter principally relates
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tion, and lead him to neglect those common diseases which, in future, it will be
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function of the corpus callosum. Thus he found, after excision of
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for each other. The likelihood of mix-ups increases if the
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* Quae medicamentis non sanantur, ferro sanantnr; quae ferro
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sensibility. Both Friedreich and Erb speak positively about this. Again,
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do with bringing up the white blood cell number, and then stimu-
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the cortex and pyramids become thinned and expanded.
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condition, there will be unthriftiness; animal will become weak;
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Gesellsch. f. Chir., Leipz., 1891, xx, 77. — Ijarroque.
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June, 1884): I. The breasts maybe the seat of tumors
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show that they have originated from this source. This statement is true of
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the acute exanthemata, the greater his hesitancy to make a positive diag-
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lir, are frequently useful. The hygienic discipline of the
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First of these obscure agencies, we proceed to treat of that undis-
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keep our mosquitos in bottles. One of the most convenient methods
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equation, it would be found that the number of cases of zymotic disease
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FROM THE WOMB.— These troubles occur at the time of
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totle as the art of healing and the art of curing, and to
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occurs ordinarily on either side of the forehead in groups, rather
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In a condition of collapse, hot water bags should be placed to the
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where an inquest is required by law ; and there shall be no burial or
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Though difficult at first, a little practice enables us to do this with the
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nails — the heart was irregular in rhythm, and also
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The above figures do not give one a correct estimate of the
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is often associated with left pleurisy, which is followed by right pleurisy,
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the corpuscles in question, assuming a larger size under a
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exponentially, developing a three-year mortality of
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