leg ; face unaffected. In August he walked like an old man, with his right
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British built, and recently exhibited in London. As cited in this
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G. A. Koelsche, M. D., Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
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BegUt with sunshine in the hues of joyous love's young dream ;
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'^ or oftener. It acts like a charm, frequently giving '
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the exploration must be carried farther downward in
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bioflavonoids are biodegraded chemicals
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accomplished by a steady and uncomi^romising strug-
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becomes less, and as age increases. The rate of progress
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while to advert to results obtained by Hlasiwetz and Gorup-
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the number of victims in the villages first attacked has
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tion of this world's goods and left his family in substantial circum-
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although there was fluctuation present, the tumor was evidently
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minutes long and held the close attention of the board and
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Jacksonville, 1891,34-37. — Tait (L.) Note on the princi-
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croachment of disease through faulty habits of life."
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manifest themselves in a marked tenderness on percussion
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in New York City has passed the State Senate, and seems
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for the Abolition of Vivisection. The first annual meeting of this branch
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the case cannot be definitely proved, and must, therefore, always remain
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ances of granular degeneration do often follow on inflammatory
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22. Friedlander GE: Current concepts review— Bone grafts. J Bone Joint Surg
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word, which signifies elephant; and that the first of the
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Parker records a case in a mare, in which an elongated, ovoid
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the wound becoming septic. With regard to the condition of the tissues after
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bom alive. About this time a physician, being curi-
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not tell your patient that he has the measles but that it mav run into the scarlet
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the tumor, but it was complained of most as an encumbrance by its size
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103 degrees in the morning, and from one -half to one degree
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were not more frequently compelled to write theses, and that
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with litmus indicator, failed to secure uniform results.
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certain as by chloroform, and required but little more expenditure of time or the
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that function it atrophies, and like its neighbor the uterus,
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of 83 of our patients it was the first symptom, and in 34 it was very
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for a few days, and carefully watuhed, in order that the first
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» the mother was unwilling to allow me to make a thorough examina-
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Men, voL ii., No. 3— Journal of the Scottish Meteorological Society.