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retina of nerve fibres possessing a medullary sheath has been, in

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It is almost always necessary to prescribe rest, more or less absolute,

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Formalin is a powerful germicide, and urotropin is believed to

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metabolism, through secondary digestive disorders, through exposures

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nol — Argentamine — Bismuth — Calcium — Cinna-

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be possible. I wish I had indexed my records so that I might

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ing pupilage, and 87 died within twelve years of commencing

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to grow larger, and by the extension of the slightly

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and is farther the very best and most influential of our expectorants.

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favouring absorption from the serous cavity. It was fairly tried in Case

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also showed the degree of energy exerted on gastric

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9. Wellmann proposed that many of the "foreign names" of plants, inserted into the

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di' morbo, praesertin ciim epidemice diffunditur, circa collum, pectus

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elljows, and knees, as well as the palms and soles. When xauthoma

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disease has been without efficacy. Many are the medicinal

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in some cases when one is removed and the other is tuberculous, shows

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for there never was a time in the history of America

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1895, li, 40-59. Also: Verhandl. d. deutsch. Gesellscb. f.

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lin, and many places in Russia. In St. Petersburg the

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presence of doughy-like fecal tumors at the cecum or at the hepatic, splenic,

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The book cannot be called a reference hand-book, many of

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lectures are an example of clear, positive statement. The topioa

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into play, the improvement was so soon after the operation. But in malignant

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rate and distinguish lymphadenoma from sarcoma), is the more common

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responsible for a fatality in case an accident occurred '?

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The disease is exceedingly rare among the negro race. The first

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in water in the chest is confined to the lower part of the chest, reviews

any of his own. Of all the teachers in the University he was

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nacle a hospital ward of six beds has been installed

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