Medical Pathology and Therapeutics, and Practical Medicine.
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M. Mag., Phila,, 1897-8, x, 7-9. Also. Rejirint.— Panas.
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gia. The lesions of the lower facial nucleus, considered by
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of a lunatic, and such a person would never for a moment think of
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Cheselden had made of life in the noble profession he followed,
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the red corpuscles, and thereby generates that chlorotic state
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ceedings brought against the Health Department to compel that body
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Dickson, S. H., medical inspector, ordered to the Kearsarge as fleet
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variety the arteries are dilated and tortuous, their walls thickened and
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^Esculapian Society. — The members of Alpha chapter of the
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(a) Glass-stoppered bottles of suitable size are best adapted for
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and Lord de Vere.) *■-*-.* Figures wrestling; figures racing; figures
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be confirmed, we shall have learned that the emulsified
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of the Bengal Staff Corps, and of Mrs. Keer, now resident in
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conclusions: (1) External applications of guaiacol lower the temperature
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Iriscolobom. Klin. Monatsbl. f. Augenb., Stuttg., 1887,
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The patient slept after tlie operation, and his pulse in four hours was
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Edwin Beer says that he found sufficient kidney functional activity,
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lip of the acromion superiorly, and the slight tilting of the scapula, all of
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first seen there may be some difficulty in detecting
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specific gravity of the urine, carried to four fig-
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garded it as occupying an intermediate position between the clado-
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this may take is somewhat doubtful; perhaps a week, or, better, 16
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any exanthemae, resembling measles, urticaria, or scarlet
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ing crescents in the peripheral blood or even in the spleen.
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becoming highly septic. This was performed with no decent whatever
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such an operation would be, in my opinion, unnecessary