takes place in the rats who drink this water which has been passed
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rian point of view the business of life insurance has an im-
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wet pack applied to the knee will be useful, if cold causes pain.
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operation, abandoned on account of high mortality. "Thus,
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strengthen it, indeed, as to leave little doubt in my mind that
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the latter. According to Dr. Lowson's description, tlie
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added and certain subjects have been more thoroughly
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Operation. — At 2.30 p.m., an opening was cut in the
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of pains behind the eyes and swimming in the head and
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nesis, the gradual development of the affection after years of exposure,
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cessible enough. .Suffice it to say that the purpose is
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various denominations of fluor-albus, leucorhaea, fiuor mulie-
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instead of calves' brains, as they could be had fresh and when
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B. Infective thrombosis. This second variety of sinus thrombosis,
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due to " the crystallisation of lines of force " to prevent
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of nitrous ether should contain 4 per cent, of ethyl
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him and follow him. At some future time, long after the death of the
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a disease as typhus fever, -which too often cuts ofT the head of a family. A
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rectum, instead of giving it by the stomach. Nearly all
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as elephantiasis, and is not, as has been supposed, necessarily
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The Pupil in Health and Disease. — The North Western Lancet^
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publican voters who failed to vote, do not bother to
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of the hospitals in Manhattan he is transferred as a
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ophthalmoscope demonstrates an atrophic nerve, and his vision is nil.
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I glimpsed the terrace where I had stood to wave good-
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hoid, of the head of the astragalus, and of a portion of
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with indistinct vision, as amblyopia; or objects appearing
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pulsation can ho soon. Liihinski recoinnionds cold applications^
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who is he ? Where did he study ? AVhy is he entrusted
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among the red corpuscles, and the worm itself, usually in active movement,
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diminish the virulence of this microbe when it has gained
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aged four, a foundling, whom I intended to inoculate
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brink of insanity or an early grave. This condition is the result
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in the Act, and that we should appoint special examiners to
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tutes the bulk of the cases that are encountered. The patient is not
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liberality of Dr. Gaylord of Branford, the projectors of
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ness, and wide diffusion. It is this circumstance that constitutes
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At this time the parents noticed inco-ordination in
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various shades of yellow from a light to a brown, is deep black-
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a truthful story, which nmst needs arouse the interest of every philan-
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Recognizing these and other defects, and owing to the
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does exist between the ductless glands is manifest from
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boatmen. 26 ; homestead, 27 ; Bowie Bun and Cabin John, 28 ;
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word-centre. It would seem, however, that in some persons the com-
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Mr. Heuston kindly saw the case with me, and made a pro-
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to the ordinary symptoms of indigestion, there is present fever, lasting
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pretentiously assumed the control of its affairs. If