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Persons of adult life sometimes suffer in this way, but it is im-
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lunar ganglia and solar plexus, seated in the dorsal portion of
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jects. Various names are used to designate the same facts and conditions,
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ances of function \n the abdominal and thoracic viscera, and, at
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Pernicious Malarial Infections. — Any one of the malarial plasraodia
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Weed. — The stalk rises from one-half to one and one-half feet
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Improper objections to the hydrostatic test. Summary. — In concluding these
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some diseases, such as nagana and surra, every conceivable drug has been
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place. The child was still in distress, and the extremity of
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of from 0.12 per cent, to 0.23 per cent. The rise occurred rapidly,
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bone, inflicting a ragged wound, nearly circular, of full two and a half
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frequently inducing remissions in early acute phases
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prolapse of the posterior w^all, and, by firmly sustaining the
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One form of albuminous deposit, an exudation, remains to be