The Treatment of Various and Long-Standing Sexual and

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Secretary, C. J. Helsabeck, Germanton, Univ. of Maryland, 1902 1902 1919

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grossly. The microscopic picture indicated an adenoma

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traverse any of the great cavities of the body. Death may take place directly,

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amount. In France, doses of considerably less magnitude are given, but

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Valsalva was transferred to Parma, Morgagni succeeded to his anatomical

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in diphtheria, and said that with it one could give more

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Ankylostoma Duodenole. The anemia resulting from an infection with this

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their Office of Medical Education records, the Swedish Hos-

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on the Middle Ear, by Wendell C. Phillips, New York;

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was general good health, with a proper development of the sexual organs, -

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extremities, and trunk is more marked in typhus than in typhoid fever.

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Thus, by increased exudation of watery blood, swelling of the

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in cases of cholera. This view of the prophylaxis is not

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tranquilly; the pulse was full, 134; the dulness did not reach

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is to be raised en masse from the slough of despond, and any method

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skin is of a reddish-brown colour, not green as in a putrefied body exposed to

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and medical manipulations appears to have reason for its existence;

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and seconded by Dr. Quain, is — "That the President be

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of the contemplated establishment of a fifth medical school

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has been observed while using them. I have seen patients

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pus is diagnosed in the pleural sac. In old cases, however, ad-

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and developed yellow fever after four days of incubation. This proved that he was

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