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Cerebral Circulation : an Experimental Eesearch. By Leonard

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oentiiry, France taking the lead, stress was likewise laid upon inflam-

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which becomes, with each contraction, a projecting red spot.

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Fournier and Wood. 2. Considering the guarded manner

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means of making a prognosis in a large class of tumors.

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The nature of the protection derived from acclimation is not known.

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amine the mouth, I might have at once ascertained the sources

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to be temporary Major whilst in charge of Springburn and

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another region. But physical circumstances were such


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two or three different periods, his becoming hot and restless,

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tain circumstances of haemorrhage, after delivery and the

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quently assisted by ice-cream ; nearly always by large

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or metal. There is an opening at the concavity for the entrance of

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by pressure and rubbing. If pus is formed in the joint, or a thickened?

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meatus by syringing, so as to remove the blood and debris of

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be kept in a state of as perfect repose as possible, free from care,

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higher level. It is a fine-weather cloud, appearing in the evening and

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he contended, the victory would incline to their side in

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Smith, Dr Spence, Dr Geddes, Dr Morrison, Dr Eainny, Dr J. M.

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tion of pin masses, and as a vehicle for other medicines.

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the bowel, and that ulceration may appear in the intestine just below

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When we inquired why, they told us that they went there because the

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goscope is gradually altered as the applicator advances, in

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always in good health up till March, 1893. He did not