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Departmental prerequisites. — (1) Research, at least 3 courses (Physiology 411); (2)
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swelling, as of the parotid, or syphilis, lies at the bottom of the trouble. The
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to be of influence. It is frequently stated that we are most apt to see neu-
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summarily the distribution of the anaesthetic (shaded) areas of the skin in
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in 1889, was the first to remove a tumor of the spinal cord, which was cor-
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equipment varied to some extent in accordance with the views of Individual sanitari ns.
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erable portion of the " motor " region inevitably result in a motor disturbance
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blood very frequently basophilic granular red blood corpuscles. Important
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tract on both sides, the descending secondary degen-
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Registration only after consultation with appropriate instructor. Each quarter, hours
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(6) Veasts; Yeasts are simitar to. bacteria fn structure and rr^thods of
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any unusual agitation. Here the efficient psychical cause is often hidden by
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three years. For further particulars, see " Calendar/'
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comparatively soon, and never recur. It is never possible, however, to be sure
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The Presbyterian Hospital, with 430 beds and over 11,000 admissions a year, adjoins
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to do with "quality determination" and completion of the' remainder of
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The disturbance of reflex action is often striking. Usually the reflexes are
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latory symptoms are quite common; the heart may beat slow or fast, and is
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diagnosis, therefore, is scarcely ever to be made from any one single symp-
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summer, when, since there are as many patients and not so many pupils
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both use a visual selection procethire in |Kh1ch the buyer makes visual con^arisons between
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translation and dispensing of prescriptions for three years previously.
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vessels at the base of the brain may furnish material for embolism of the
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in the central Alps, also, but less frequently, in the Carpathians, the Pyrenees,
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ler, Charles G. Darling, Thomas D. Allen, Robert von der Heydt.
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examination for the License of the Apothecaries' Company, Dublin ;
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unilateral symptoms of motor irritation in particular have frequently been
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stated. Some caution should be exercised in making a diagnosis of cardiac
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b. Shall be marked with the word "RETAINED" in 2" letters.
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tion of the reflexes, the disturbances in speech and handwriting. In cases of
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