nuovo forcipe. Ann. di ostet., Milauo, 1890. xii, 665 Also :
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It is generally a discouraging as well as an unprofitable task to peer
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where the Cicatrix may be unseemly. Incision of them is best;
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The anatomical character of the eruption is not constant, yet all the
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really be disseminated through the air ; otherwise, why should a person
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D.Sc., F.RS., and J. A. Menzies, M.A., M.D. Third Edition.
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anaesthetic is very rarely required, as the passage of the instru-
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deduction of empirical from mur»* general truths."
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Dr. Schloss, at Mulhausen, Alsace-Lorraine, suddenly, at>out
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be the means of conveying the virus; cattle, for instance, are liable to be
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be done in a hurry, and the British Institute ought to be
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performed the above operation in August of last year. In dealing with
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reviewing the Society’s activities was available for re-
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now, we can besides do a good deal to prevent the dis-
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returning until September 30th, 1901, and include the member
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brought about. Two conditions which, in his opinion the
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is able to show that it is justified by the number of children
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in pneumonia is due to pneuniococci received from without, as would
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hypertension. Edema or hypertension requires therapy
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ity are but the will of Providence, and that nothing short of divine inter-
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(3) Lactose agar plates (sugar-free-veal-infusion peptone — 1 per cent.
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1816. The surgeon is stated to be Mr. Browne, of Rochester.
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■case, without a deep knowledge of which these weigh-
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connection exists between circumscribed gangrene of the lung and oerebnl
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terrific. This, however, is not the place to expatiate upon this part of