neck, and back, begins; or, finally, may set in with such violence that a

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Formerly a distinction was made between the methods of disinfect-

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number of procedures done under anesthesia as indicated.

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sudden onset of paraplegic symptoms, due to the onset of acute inflamma-

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periment are frequently less directly under inspection than in

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tagium of the lymph or not, is a question still undecided. The experiments

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umbilical vessel was considered. The vagina was plugged, and an hour

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elected to membership : James Utlev, M. D., W. O. Ruggles,

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have been observed. The percentage found by Magnus-Levy in diabetic urine

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With the forefinger introduced into the mouth, carried to the base of the

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ilire Aetioloffie. Wien. klin. Kundschau, 1895, ix, 262 : 276. —

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to treat. In one (published in the British a»d Foreitjn Iteview^

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be set aside without further study and observation.

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place of 30,000 as stated in the text, and according to the num-

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layer. 3. The inter-granule layer (coue-tibre plexus, of Hulke). 4. The inter-

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The diet should be light, and easily assimilable. Constipation

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ugeuu, aiicmincu « >nv«.j J'""'," and the durability of tiles, secured for them

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dwell strongly on one fact that suggests infinite possibilities of

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the abdominal area after or during the exposure of the viscera, bruis-

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to me absent, even if the cyst should retract off from the

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varieties of inflammation in these latter cases would occa-

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punctate, and projecting about one line from the mem-

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hands and pulled the arms upward and backward against his

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The peritonitis is circumscribed, adhesion takes place between the omentum

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1903 b. — Idem. [Abstract by E. Schoebel] <Ztschr. f. wissensch. Mikr., Leipz.

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rectal and vesical paralysis. Cord almost destroyed ; 6tb, 7th and

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to keep the patient fairly well anesthetized. In such

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lobar abscess, if it existed. This was done, but no deep abscess was

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of moderate size, and equal and acting well to light. I

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openings of the canaliculi, at the inner canuhus, a short

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doses. Then extend the time to two, three, or four hours, as

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seven boys who were absent at the first inoculation.

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Think for a moment as an illustration of what possibilities are in-

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are worthy of favorable consideration. The student receiving the loan is

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allowed to remain and dry on to the membranes as is often the case.

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this expression of opinion all who have had practical experi-