Notice of change of address should give both old and new address, and state whether the change is permanent or temporary. The

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will include a round-table discussion group from 9:00

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had a slow onset of his illness over a period of weeks

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which died within twenty-four hours, the post-mortem examination

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brassieres, hospital binders, artificial breasts, and anatomi-

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sensitizing a person to a drug that may be a life-saving

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professor who used to boast that he could tell much concerning the

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early cancer will vary somewhat with different sur-

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of sulfathiazole ointment. The patient’s physician de-

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cently at the Elks’ Club in Punxsutawney. Mrs. Lewis

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flow results from dilatation and abnormal permeability of

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must be placed against his own hip or abdomen when the finger is

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bly backwards, which insures the raising of the epiglottis, thus

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transferred to another hospital where radium was im-

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military personnel. Graduates of recognized colleges of

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had a troublesome cough, and was expectorating mouthfuls of

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patient immediate symptomatic relief, but the response

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of my stockings and your foot is healed, while I put on both my

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it is not sufficient to diagnose cholecystitis, cholelithi-

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For the moment it is enough to say that the indict-

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who in recent years while attending faithfully to their

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Philip Q. Roche, 255 South Seventeenth Street, Philadelphia.

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in liquefying, run clown into the oesophagus and cause painful ul-

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