On the basis of actual experimentation, however, the earliest
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been recommended. Trousseau recommends highly tobacco fumigations,
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so imperative, that the animal struggled to get upon its feet,
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time moderate oedema of the legs. He complained, of his own accord, of
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severing certain branches of the trigeminal nerve, may be sum-
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Anatomical and Physiological Bemarks on HunchbacJcs. — Al-
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dominating characters, which are as necessarily co-existent with
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more distinctly, and with much more ease to himself, when it is
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pupil of much labor in laying the groundwork of a thorough medical education.
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viz., albuminuria and general drops}^, very rarel}^ follow diphtheria, and,
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cheek was larger and more prominent than the right, owing to
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number admitted from May, 1818, to May, 1835, inclu-
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sometimes notably reduced in volume and weight. Both kidnej^s, in a
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to be desirable to produce ptyalism. This practice has now but few advo-
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of air, and noise should be excluded. A former '■^l''^'!!?,"^' ^ " j J^n ^
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It must be stated that in the total nitrogen those nitrogen
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Fig. 3 Toluidin-blue preparation (alcohol material) (fatigued).
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The treatment of the case with decision and confidence
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field, the apex of the cell, which becomes fibrillated and extends
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toms, as a rule, are much milder than in most benign cases of natural
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It grows simultaneously with the other organs, but does not