the base of the skull, (c) xlcute infectious fevers, particularly typhoid

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coraceous, due, most probably, to the putrid decomposition of stagnated

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control over the patient" are usually indispensable adjuncts in the

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precede the evolution of this complaint. Trauma and many other con-

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degenerative changes in the terminal blood-vessels of the lung, though

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be exercised in the feeding of swine, and the destruction of rats should

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Treatment. — The unilocular cysts just referred to above may be

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being more common when the cysts are multilocular. Rupture may

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avoid exposure and undue chilling. The ice-bag or Leiter's coils (to be used

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further improved. This work requires not only the services of a bac-

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occurs, the diagnosis becomes wellnigh complete. Cough usually super-

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with final necrosis and sloughing, and even the discharge per 7'ectum of

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times daily, and later increased to gr. v (0.324) or even to gr. x (0.648)

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der of the liver projecting in some instances several fingers' breadths

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duces ^J)a^7^/'MZ sensations that may be either gnaAving or burning in cha-

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instances : in one there Avere numerous vegetations on the mitral valves

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ciated vices of opiumism are less violent and inflammatory than those

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in consequence of the local action of certain chemical and biologic irri-

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"Report of a Case of Atrophic Cirrhosis of the Liver in a Child 7

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Prognosis. — In the majority of cases no serious impairment of the

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(tuberculo-mediastino-pericarditis), sometimes also to pleuro-pneumonia,

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history fails to furnish the essential causal factors on the one hand, or