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tracted, otherwise there would not be any necessity for the after-passing of the

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Surgeons, and of the Medical Department of the University of

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1891 and has ever since remained open. Psoriasis is a

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have been learned. In the book before us a description

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of heart, the tone of arteries, the rhythm of respir-

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" The retina appeared in all cases transparent to the naked eye. In

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3. The humoral infection must be distinguished from the

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tinated may be penetrated by the ulcerative process, resulting in suppurative


ered later. A few physiologists have believed that the glycogen is not

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ton, S. C. — ^The thirty-sixth session of this Sdciety was held

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Dr. James Thorington said he was sorry that there had been

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nearly two inches. A very large quantity of serous pus,

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no longer be considered a purely neurotic case. Such cases should be

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whole tube, it is called diffuse bronchitis ; if limited to a part, circum-

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circumstances, he suggests that a large cavity should be excavated in the

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history of Neurosciences that would remain with me for

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motor stimuli arise and how they are conducted we do not know. Yet

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This, however, did not modify the pungent alkalinity of the urine,

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sumed that the elongation of the staves of the crutches

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as a monthly publication, with the December number ; hereafter it will be greatly

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against the treatment that will not permit them to even give

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" Nature of Man," chapter XVI. He says : " There are

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The portal trunk receives its blood, not only from the veins of the digestive

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minal matter of contagion. This took place indisputably in tlie in-