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Duodenum, Philadelphia, W. B. Saunders. 1936, p. 958.
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medicine which has the consistence and sweetness of honey. Hence
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all the strength we have comes from the food we take.
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termed sidphur -bases, are usually the proto-sulphides of electro-positive
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offering all forms of treatment, including electric shock.
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In addition to diagnostic laboratory services, chemically accurate and clinically tested re-
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chieflv of phosphate of lime, found in the arteries and in the valves of
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doses of chloral, 898; traumatic, treated by carbolic
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BRACHILU' VIUM {brachium, the arm, /(/i'«rc, to wash). An arm-
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Case 12. — B., man of 49 years. Out-patient. Lar-
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sound of the chest and breathing. Asthma cultrariorum is Grinders’
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ceptible of disease, as temperament, age, sex, &c.
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Brassica cainpestris ole.ifera, u.«ed for burning in lamps.
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16. Hernia venlralis. Hypogastrocele ; or hernia occurring at any
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Fatness, corpulency' ; an excessive development of fat in the body.
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castor-oil, together with the ricinic and stcaro-ricinic acids.
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£ cotic and Convulsive Elements being eliminated. It has less Z
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Publishing Co., and when in sums of five dollars or less
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with the following members and visitors present: Drs.
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by the same number of equivalents of the same elements. The alcohols
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appears; and by the French, carreau, which seems to refer to the
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MUSCULAR TEXTURE (jnuscidus, a muscle). Myonine. One
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bone forwards and downwards, and elevates tlie ribs.
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to change of structure, as distinguished from disordered function.
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CE'NTRUM. A centie; the common centre of the two arches of
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searching for the truth regardless of its source, is to
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STY'LOID (ittD\o9, a style, or pencil, tlSos, likeness). The name
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PHYTO'GRAPITY (<Pvt6v, a plant, ypd(f>w, to write). An ac-
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' li. Process of Bale. A very elongated slender process, supported
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skull undergo much development and modification, and have received
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chemical properties of the salt than the water of crystallizatio/i, which
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are divided, some of their ])rinciples being volatilized, and others
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hydrated protoxide of potassium, and is known by the names, potassa
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RU'PIA. This term is described in its correct place. See Rhypia.
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ARE YOU A PIPE SMOKER? . , . We suggest an unusually fine
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PARA'STATA (Tra/oa(TTdT))s, one who stands by or near). Another
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4. Mastoid or Mammary Sarcoma ; so called from the resemblance
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