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a nutrient and deserves consideration. On discharged from treatment, improved, with-

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ed, that the profession may profit thereby, legal U. S. money, according as the indi-

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she is brought to the hospital, and, without examination, you at

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in the pulmonary capillaries, in pneumonia. It may be congested

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The glandular swellings about the head usually terminate

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ternal changes are absent, as the mucous membrane of the

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paleative measures. An operation at such serted into the bladder and pulled up gen-

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(LIQUOR FERRI ALBUMINATIS. FLtXNER.) Gout, in Phosphaturia, in Gravel, and Renal Colic.

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tilages tends to contract, and to cause by its contraction a

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rectum, until that organ also refused to to prevent it. Further, should a tuburcu-

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vertigo, and in five days he was discharged "^^'^ given only at night, and continued for

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have such struggles where restraint was not used, and not neces-

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a portion of the field of clinical microscopy, ber. The latter is an excavation in a mi-

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Cauterization. — In use among the ancients, this plan was not

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and Yoit (who were formerly the strongest opponents of the idea

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night's rest; pulse nearly natural; mind very good, but the par-

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if at all, affected. In profound sleep the breathing is stertorous, but

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which these facts may be bound together. But before advancing

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and cause it to slough off, extend into the bone producing

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clots become hard and encysted, and take a long time to be-

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duction of vaccination. Jenner maintained that rachitis was

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To obviate Substitution or other possible error in compounding, it is advisable always, besides specifying ('

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disturbance to the patient. The bleeding is' usually from small

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ways sterile, while organisms are invaria- cal yournal) describes the cases of this af-

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: claimed by some to be synergistic to the fore the Academy of Medicine at Paris two

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for the purj)ose of destroying the morbid tissues. It is true, that

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these individuals are not responsible for been entirely competent,

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secretion, Checks couoll. lessens tissue waste, and Builds up the organism, and is THE Remedy In larynoltis,

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tion of the testicular apparatus, become chronic, and not ob-

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been brandy and wine. His grandfather on the mother's side

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waiting is too hazardous, the hemorrhages could look over the laparatomies done in

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quacks in this country — there is no more as that I have imperfectly outlined to you,

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to a great degree. This is no exaggerated portrait of a young girl of

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proof in all this presented, that he did not attribute to it a decided

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seems to have done its work by destroying the mucous mem-

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of gelsemium. In ten minutes the muscular movements were

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