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Miss E. B., aged 33, showed symptoms of a second attack of delirium
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Veterinary Science, Clemson A. & M. College, and
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growths. The spleen was enlarged and bosselated on both surfaces,
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little later we saw it again — this time amongst the animals purchased
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We now come to ages. The infiuence of age on disease was insisted
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micturated frequently and in large quantities. J^I. Almy examined her
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under'^the eye of such a genius, and to have the honour of being his nephew? God
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Considerable improvement was noted from the third day. The
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Esq.; C.St. John, Esq.; H. Mackintosh, M.D. ; A. G. Elkington, Esq.;
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Branch. Dr. Jeaffreson was present at the first meeting which inau-
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sarcoma, a human disease characterised by circumscribed swellings of