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The bullet was therefore pushed up to the opposite side of the

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16. Improved Method for Resecting High Rectal Carcinoma.

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for according to our present knowledge it depends not

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develop more rapidly after fracture, owing to decrease

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is to be occupied by Dr. F. R. England, with whom will be

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atavism into full play, and is the source of degeneracy. Strong

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axis traction forceps. The following cardinal rule must be

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Poat-Graduate Hospital, Aug. 9, 1897. Four years before, he

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for weighing, for Intravenous or subcutaneous Injection? This Is a

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presence of severe epigastric pain from hepatic or splenic

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sphere. The base of the triangle corresponds to the

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Db. Montoombby also exhibited a patient who came to him

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From the standpoint of cryoscopy and pathological phys-

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the problem. Careful scraping of the anterior wall and floor

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show that scurvy may arise during the use of several of the

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tific subjects as are assigned to orators selected for the purpow.

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The right kidney was also very movable, but this was an

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to the accomplishment of the high purpose for which the

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rather the application of the teachings of physiology.

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cases and they died from acute cancerous infection. Bacterio-

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iting, almost complete constipation and scanty urinary secre-

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pen has never derived any benefit from lavage of the stomach,

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$5000 from John D. Rockefeller, and $1500 additional from