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and 15th, Officers for the ensuing year were elected as

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Building Company, at 50-54 East Forty-first Street, at a

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suming her nerve force and stability, casting gloom

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gained by their use make the physician dissatisfied

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distress, decreases discharge and increases tissue resistance.

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istration, and not with the view to securing any es-

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From this time on there were no further attacks up to

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bility of these animals to the disease than by con-

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tically a rejuvenation of youth in eastern people on

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3. Oii the Meaning of the Audil)le Signs in Mitral Sten-

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Bastian remarks that in the great majority of cases

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Emptying of the bladder and rectum was difficult. There

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February 26th. With 2" prism base down in the right

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ceeded by the prevalence of these diseases in civil

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struction at that school : Fred R. Burnside, Frank N. Chil-

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these objectionable features would accomplish noth-

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this accounts to a certain extent for the large niun-

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ten years at Johns Hopkins Medical College, will be in

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lime they are submitting to these practices, that the

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giousness, complications, and treatment may be used

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Serum reaction before bichloride injections ++ ; before

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food on the pharmacokinetics of levodopa

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negative to a positive has not yet been observed even

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is used entirely by Bier, but it does not produce as

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temperature at which crystallization took place, the

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significance of levodopa and carbidopa combination

Baker, M. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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should be fairly large in calibre, similar to the one

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of the left hand and he now has two irregular rounded

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January 15, 191 1 : Captain W. H. Moncrief, Medical

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emy of Medicine will hold a joint meeting with the Pae-

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improvements in artificial legs and arms, and make the Maria

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thesia should be reserved for patients too ill to be

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it is as forcible and as speedy in working the death

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occurred after the first injection, which disappeared

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3. The Probable Duration of Life, By A. H. Stewart.

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President, Dr. A. T. Gaillard ; vice-president. Dr. F. S.

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for a doctor. If all women were alike in this sense

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of Charleston, third district; Dr. W. S. Link, of Parkers-

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the purpose of defining the first general method of

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operation in the large majority of cases after medi-

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with either by there being a diminished secretion of

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not feel right, but was told to wear them for four days,

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discharge for microorganisms, it has been my experience occasionally

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Zeitschrift fiir die gesamte Neurologic und Psychiatric , ii, No. 2.