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delegates for this year. This question must come up again.
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powder train as the grenade leaves the hand. The fuses are timed to
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friends of the cause to respond as soon as practicable, without waiting
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ries, Goosberries, Mulberries. Raspberries,' Straw-
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five grains daily until the 8th of September, when he was quite free
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chronic inflammation. Diagnosis: Acute arthritis; sub-acute and chi'onic
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The approaching session will undoubtedly be the largest ever held.
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Fearing the continued exhaustion from want of rest, I now ordered a
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nected with the advancement of our art, in any of its branches, are
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of delirium tremens, in which opium in every form had failed in pro-
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in persons past the prime of life, being usually attended with an alteration
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About one hundred of the most usual affections are briefly described,
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diate bleeding. Sixteen ounces of blood were therefore abstracted, with
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its function in the utterance of vocal sounds, — the most wonderful
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varying the action of heat or the mode of applying it upon the Qg^^
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American Eclectic Medical Review; New York. Buffalo Medical aud Surgical
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trustees or superintendents? All social questions should interest
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Shattuck, Alvin, M.D., 79 South Division Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
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name of the homoeopathic society of Dresden, calling upon all col-
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F. B. S. DRAKE. M. D., Oinical Prqfeuor qf Me<Gcine :
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by facts. Numerous examples might be cited to prove that the greatest