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short time, but the patient ultimately made a good re-
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at Kievo about a fortnight later {see p. 119) and found everything
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The chapter on Uterine Haemorrhage, contains a well di-
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after the vomiting or may be deferred for twelve to forty-eight hours.
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tumor, and the patient was permitted to go home for a
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able to bear such an exploration almost equally well. In
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meaning of the dream and go into the details after-
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a pastoral people pitching their tents on the open, grassy
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tralbl. f, pralit. An.iienh., Li-ipz., 1893, xvii, 257-263.—
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pensary for advice. Upon the Faculty examining the tumor,
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marked by flattening and flesh-like color ; dilatations of the
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thalmoscopy. Ophth. Rec, Xasliville, 18112-3, ii, 219-228.—
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of poliomyelitis being contracted by children in Cali-
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the bowels, at first constipated, become relaxed as the disease
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possible victims of cancer naturally involves some increase of
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should go to the bone with a free incision ; nearer the
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red and rough, and of course its tube was cut through,
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epidemic character, that the virulent (specific?) yellow fever is to
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upon the best medical schools of the country ; after this he should
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Since the onset of the joint affection the size of the knee had
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fects of bleeding in the tAventies and thirties, and the
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will contract after being separated from the body, thereby
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devoted to therapeutics, which contains brief notes of the therapeutic
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the time when the patient is in health. I have seen two
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inoculation of the contagium of even a "mild " form
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his acquaintance with the Greek and Latin languages.
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lower limbs. It is contagious only under certain conditions. If ecth}-
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of the inoculated animal, than under ordinary conditions. They were unable
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for fixation, like constitutions, their usual subsequent tendency is to
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excision of joints. According to the latter, excision in traumatic cases is a
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