rabbits 15 years ago do not differ in their virulence, and are still

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crates.** We highly commend those honest Greeks; they knew

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and claims to have had excellent results. He states that this plan will

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brane. Children rarely die of cholera in the early stage ; opportu-

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was getting less in size, and, as I say, the improvement was general.

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salvarsan, the exact relation of heating, oxidation, and reduction are not entirely

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aflPected by cholera. The two sides of the river Bhagirathi from

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17, in 36 powdei*8, one night and morning as numbered.

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accordance with the recent work of Bull (13) by the rapid aggluti-

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aneesthesia of the skin may complicate or follow an attack of neuralgia,

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(Groups I, II, and III), only one survived the first toxic injection and

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covered with bichloride cotton, and a spica bandage

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to inflammation. The suddenness of its occurrence, and the ab-

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remittent paroxysms, the true character of the disease is very readily de-

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and minor splanchnics were divided in the abdomen. As will be

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Etiology. — It may be the result of prolonged exposure in a district only

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hand is not only to be introduced through parts not dilated nor re-

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duration of the disease varied from five or six days to several weeks,

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after operations a more or less progressive decline takes place in the

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mucous membranes assume a dry, glazed, shining appearance ; the skin be-

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ple may use it to the detriment of others, when it is weifknown that

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Logically, as has often been stated, the gall-bladder lesion might

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In surgery. Dr. Randolph claimed no discoveries, and with one

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thorax normal in form; breathing weak along the left side of the thorax; by

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still actively engaged in its employment. In this city many of our

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Differential Diagnosis. — Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may be mistaken for

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husky, but in the progress of the disease it became loose, and instead

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a single slip of linen moistened with water, and a shower bath, he

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degree impaired ; deglutition much affected since the convulsion ;

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he showed proficiency; in the latter, his attainments were far

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and shield electrodes were applied. The auricles were faradized

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spinal fluid. Pressure on the tumor increases the tension, and may produce

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causes incomparably less active. One was an apprentice of Mr.

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(65-70° F.), (Series 17). (3) A modification of the conditions of

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tion only the dogs of the past year; and, for another year of ex-

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weak, with a pale face and feeble pulse, venesection is never to be prac-

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istic symptoms are developed. The duration varies from five days to four

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thre6 days; on the fourth day it began materially to change in its

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exert a stimulating effect upon the metabolic processes of the bac-

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Abscess of the brain or suppurative encephalitis may occur in any part