Colorado Medicine /br October 15 - November 1, 1986
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twelve years of age, as a rule, tonsillotomy was made, I think this a
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form out of Great Britain, these statistics of phthisis must De
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an alkaline treatment in similar cases during the same epidemic
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introduction of matter from a primary ulcer, yet to deny th©
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ho o\liil>ito(l, bfin^' a furtlior nioditioalion of Uio iiuuli-inoditloil
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old, as he well remembers, lost the nails of the fin-
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are some forms due to lesions of the brain, while others are due to
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titors, with others of yet higher form, and Barnes assured
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contrary, of especial benefit to phthisical patients, as
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of the medical profession from a private attendance
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In estimating the gravity to be attached to slight physical signs,
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strychnia, generous diet, rest, with exercise according to the
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cast upon them or prove its falsity as they see fit."
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taneous convalesoence, and the patient may possibly remain bence-
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tive of rubella, or epidemic rose-rash, a disease which
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remain compensated by the hypertrophy of the heart sections above
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aptly termed by Indian Physicians a " regional diffusion " of
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■welclie Monieutesind demnach bei Reuteubem6s>sung nach
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describe a case of spontaneous levulosuria without glycosuria that had
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enty-three years of age, who had considerable enlarge-
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cedures, and expressions still current, against which you cannot be
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of the doctor as to the repetition of the treatment.
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intimate habits of intercourse with him which he enjoyed, enabled
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ligation of the external carotid and once a woimd of the lingual artery
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tion with many other bacteria, most of which grow with greater lux-
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use is reported. In hemiatrophy of the face, or after con-
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in lateral curvature of the spine; as a " massage" it is unequaled.
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There was no blood or lactic acid, but there was much starch and yeast and
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Of the bad effects of grass in rainy seasons, when it is loaded
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use of the term general exfoliative dermatitis excludes separate patches of
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matory conditions, and in fixation of the uterus by old adhesions. Great
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rance or neglect. During menstruation no carelessness should be