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cases of and deaths from poliomyelitis reported in 1909
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ously and whole heartedly devoted to the welfa-e of the
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is never as stable as the original one, except when
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the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, while the predisposing
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tincture of gelsemium, three tiines a day. As a local
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too often a mute, but eloquent reproach to the boasted tri-
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12. Remarks Concerning the Pathogenity of the Amceba
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ties, at times, by an obliterative endarteritis or some
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that in the others, and the mortality to rather less
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ganizers, who have secured a certificate of incorporation,
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are thinking over it now. These three cases were fractured through
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fracture of the limb was saved and he said the patient had a good
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mophile cells. 3. Chief cells. These are the least numer-
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York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, on No-
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The viability of the cells of the body independent-
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1910; August 27, 1910; September 3, 1910; September 17,
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had collected during the long years of his peregri-
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and sole cause ; the passive constituted the material
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attained to his full powers of conquest (and the end
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vised, with 196 Engravings and Eight Full Page Plates.
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29th, to Lieutenant George W. Cook, Medical Corps, United
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of the entire heart of the rabbit five days after the
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radiographical technique or the slightest careless-
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reasons, chief of which has been the idea prevailing
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mining the exact situation of a bullet in the brain
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thing, the influence of the physician or operator on
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boiled for three or four minutes, taken out, held by
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observes that the treatment of stricture of the male
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was a history of syphilitic infection previous to her mar-
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of $1,300,000 for educational and scientific work to the
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Bland-Sutton. J., and Giles, Arthur E. — The Diseases of
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ready spoken. It would be difficult to exaggerate these
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Sixtietli Year of its Publication. Philadelphia: P. Blakis-
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in thirty minutes extending as high as the point of
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entiated further the individual layers of the cortical
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wise, let them but touch the white Ellebore, they are
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creased by : Securing shoes btiilt along anatomical
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M. D., Late Assistant Master. Second Edition. London :
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into the muscles and it has a most striking effect on
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cases, 4 deaths; whooping cough, 65 cases, 17 deaths; pul-
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and temperature were normal. There were no tongue tre-
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the spleen. Pallor increasing. Red blood corpuscles.
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itary Bureau show a total for the season of 182,327 cases,