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start?” In the case of the primipara, first in impor-
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THERMOTjYSIS (Oipuii, heat, Xd<o, to decompose). A name
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fruit juice of any kind. Then fruits may follow, but
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complaints from physicians by letter), we shall be glad to furnish a sample of our Lapactic
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NUTATO'RPIS CA'PITIS (iiutarc, to nod). The nodders of the
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in chemistry, pure and unmixed, as absolute alcohol, or alcohol entirely
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heat. When this effect is attended by oxidation, it is termed combus-
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a triangular space on the fundus of the bladder, where the mucous
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by those who have not yet gained a spindling notion
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in plants of low organization. It consists in a special circulation of tlie
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3. Icteritia. Icterus neonatorum. Infantile jaundice.
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24. Pyro-phosphate. Graham suggested the substitution of the
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culum, or little net). A term applied to the netted arrangement of the
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quina do campo, is employed in the Brazils as a substitute for cinchona-
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formed by the decomposition of corrosive sublimate in lime-water, which
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Tucker, M.D., and Chevalier L. Jackson, M.D.), hista-
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the foot which is situated between the tarsus and the toes. It consists
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body; J. a slight modification, corresponding to the English term some-
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“ lichenous rash,” and presenting in the adult wliat stro])hulus is in the
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This work relates principally to the role of strepto-
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removal, it has received the name recurrent JU>roid.^ — Nom. of Dis.
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2. Plique a queue, ou solitaire, in wnich the whole hair is united into
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Wollaston, to be phosphate of lime, not distinctly stratified, and tinged
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TREMATO'D A (-rfMi/aaTuidtfv, full of pores or holes, from Tpupa, a
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weeks of conditioning before the first game is played,
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CHELOID TUMOR ixvhh, a crab's claw, tlSos, likeness).
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head). The broa.l Tape-worm ; a sterclminthous parasite, found in
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33° to C0° Fahr. Below 50° Fahr., it is considered very cold.
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elliptical and two and a half inches the long diam-
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the Auxiliary for this purpose. After discussion, upon
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portable odour and spontaneous inflammability in air.
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served in the substance which forms the hottom of the ventricles of the
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natus. The term is applied in Bnizil to a class of remedies possessed
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Stricture, treatment when due to incomplete rupture of
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development; the head is moderately well-formed and erect, the special
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Every ounce contains 3-4 dram each of the fluid extracts : Viburnum Prunifolium, Viburnum Opulus, Dioscorea
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ascribed by the old physicians to a predominance of black bile mingling
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which hydrogen is displaced from a compound, by the action of nitric
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food; they should give special attention to the masti-
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