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acetabulum or by an absence of the posterior border of the cotyloid

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discover, also, that the tissues are stained. This is

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prognosis in those cases in which the further continu-

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Donald C. Martin, CLU, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of the special

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t One would say, from Dr. Barclay's point of view, that when the first sound

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caduceua or serpent-sceptre of Cyllenius' and JEscula-

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the individual for a few weeks. Then the fluid reaccu-

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Head. Fracture and injuries to tbe head. Spear. D. D., 300.


acid. There were three ways only by which such a calculus could have

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be necessary to isolate him. If the spasm be very pronounced,

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trocar and cannula for the purpose. It is made by Arnold and

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Med., Yol. XVII, page 1306) good results as a local anaesthetic

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The fever at onset is, as a rule, not so high as in ordinary cases. Usually

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apparent exceptions to the rule. It has been found, however,

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the homes of all tuberculous patients whose necessary

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This is probably due to the rare combina- ) of those rays than can be controlled by this

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Spearman reliability indices were calculated for each of

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be kept sealed to prevent the absorption of water and a resulting change to the

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26.5-276.— C. (A.) Le secret medical et les maladies con-

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(1580), V. 59 (7), Feb. 16, pp. 269-270. [W^ \V°», W«.]

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gate anything but itself. That it is not connected with any of the symp-

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*» individual himself, sometimes only on the parents from whom they are

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For further details on the subject of vaccination, so interesting as an

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cases they appear between the seventh and ninth month. The next

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The sadly sudden death of Le^i k II m i 8 \n bj enrolls another name

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on this operation were also sufficient to offset any

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cently taken place and others are in contemplation.