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incision, with flushing of the abdominal ca\'ity, is sufli-
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continued sufficiently long to attribute the improvement to a BpK>ntaneoiu
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the disease, and in China none of the sheep take it, but goats are
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alkali or neither has been produced by the bacteria along with the
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rarely necessary. — A^. Y. Medical Journal, August
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are indicated in this stage. The tincture of digitalis (gtt. x
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amount of pure blood at the end of micturition caused by
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eases, as the result of loss of muscular tonicity in
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most serious of the acute pulmonary affections of early childhood, consequently
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the disease does not generally spread over more than a moderate area
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3.2 per 1,000. The total acidity was correspondingly
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animals were not inoculated ! In every one of the inoculated cases
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some cases gangrene and even abscess of the side super-
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after the puncture, such as those reported by Lichtheim
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Lecture, which abounds with practical information of the utmost
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not only this, but many other mistakes which have formed a
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also to the lower end of the shaft being pulled backwards by the
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orders, affecting in different cases all the organs and viscera of
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sweetened water). Finally, in the course of chronic ulcer of the stom-
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to ninth day, on abdomen, breast, or chest, although
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"^ject of conversation, as to give him a foolish, imbecile look, although
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tion 149.10(2) defines “practical nursing”. These
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or well preserved. The parenchymal cells about the acute foci are swollen,
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inconvenience. The bladder should be thoroughly searched for frag-
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Ruschenberger, Mr. A. B. Taylor, and Mr. W. S. Thompson. After a
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deed than the attendance formerly at the annual meetings
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flowers are white, and disposed in clusters. The fruit
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rience should always be welcomed by the profession. It is no unwillingness
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being found to vary at diflerent times and places. The time of its occur-
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