stone with the sound renders the diagnosis certain.
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which is the seat of moderate nephritb, and consbts of globules or masses
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from gleet, he developed an affection of one knee-joint which was at-
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plant contains oxalic acid, and children are sometimes made sick by
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of stranded Europeans or Americans who had acquired Eurojjean
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chronic renal diseases. The stools exhibit no constant character. They
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and are closed. The walk are fibrous, and may contam blands of renal
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ferably away from the sea, for sea air usually tends to aggravate the
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and thirst are constant ; a little tough phlegm may be expectorated,
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contain sufficient nutritive elements for sustaining and building up the
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gold thread, witch-hazel or sage tea. The ulcers may be touched if
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that constitutes the disease ; and it does this so constantly, so speed-
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is deficient in haemoglobin, thus lessening the functional activity of
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renal substance is injected into animals, substances are found in the serum of
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sues ; hence the body shows that it is better nourished during its use.
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patient feels so much relieved as to express a desire to have some-
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activity. This so frequent activity of the pupils suggests that the lesion,
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alent in countries where wealth and luxury abound. It is also ap-
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to the wasnings the tests for albumoses are applied.
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that gout was more prevalent in ancient times, while rheumatism was
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every case of saccharine urine which I have examined for many years,
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under the direction of the professor of surgery. The
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hy the kidneys ; and if it ever does so, perhaps this is more likely
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anxiety of the illness, for the heart when once affected is apt to be
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who have given decided evidence of being of rheumatic constitution,
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taining five grains of extract of pancreatin and ten grains of bicar-
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clature of nephritis (of every kind) cannot be perfect until we describe every
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If the child nurses, the mother's milk should be looked after, or if
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done except to combat the unfavorable symptoms and such means
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collecting a valuable cabinet of specimens which he
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become ulcerated, permitting the discharge of tophi that are thus
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more the attacks of dyspnoea and asthma caused by the sclerosis.
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quantities of foreign proteins, on the other hand, may continue to circulate
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While attention is directed to the importance of vasomotility, it must in
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exciting cause may be found in excess of eating and drinking, or in
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it gets fatigued, its efforts become feebler, production goes on apace,
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tures should not descend from generation to generation as well as pe-
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