of greater relish on the part of the subjects, there

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us, that they should never be reminded of their past

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fractures, injuries of joints, acute infective diseases,

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denal dyspepsia is a combination of the two preced-

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office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish-

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McCarter. — In Kingston, Ontario. Canada, on Friday,

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MiNTER, J. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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of weight in the stomach, cramp in the epigastrium,

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of the University of Louisville Medical Department. Now

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vestigate along these lines — investigate thoroughly

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unprotected — strata of its (vast majority of) hu-

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that is necessary or properly cared for and guarded

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and Dr. William C. Posey, Dr. William Zentmayer, Dr.

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at which it lies and determine if it is near a vital

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spinal fluid (blood could not be aspirated) excluded

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and neck, negative. Chest, negative. Spleen and liver,

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of deaths caused by tuberculosis or any of its allied

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realized and the dosage reduced or preliminary treat-

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5. Ultimate Results in Treatment of Puhnonary Tuber-

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ful resource that must be applied in many cases and

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relation to each other should insure the isolation of

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has also been argued that the intoxicated soldiers and sailors

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advice of Jenks, of Detroit, who gave twenty grains

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are that it saves the hearing and checks the progress

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11. Retention Cysts of the Kidney, By George G. Ross.

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to view the conical depression covered with peritonaeum.

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ance of the ulcer, which differs from the syphilitic

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rate of 16.37 for the corresponding week in 1909. The

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Friday, November 4th. — New York Academy of Medicine

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faint. Wassermann reaction, June 2d, -| — |-, October 23d,

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prescriptions, and which are evidently of very varia-

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Whereas. The method of attempting to check the spread of vene-

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Santa Fe, N. Mex., at $1,000 per annum. One at Western

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along the lines referred to above. It is in the make

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progress of the case. She went on to full term and the

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slight cough. Examination of chest revealed the presence

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the Boston School Board and the Boston Board of Health

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tory: Past history had been uneventful. Previous history

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mittee of One Hundred will be appointed as the official

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clinically the oils or fat foods, such as olive oil,

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this was believed to be due to the fact that the Jews

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tricuspid valve was relatively incompetent ; aortic valve a