in which it is effected. Now I imagine thai when I have said, "if we do
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improbable that the apparatus, thus modified, will be found useful in the
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infection in childhood usually takes place through the
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has , generally been less uncomfortable and more convenient.
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he could introduce his finger, and feel it to be superficial. There was, there-
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cardiovascular system and the diminished tendency to compli-
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shedding of diffuse light upon many hitherto obscure
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and prompt and decided therapeutic effect is counted ,
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M. Ft. Suppos. No. i. Sig. : Insert into the vagina. — J/orf.
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during vacation, on lines mapped out by competent teachers.
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embolism or thrombosis of the coronary arteries, inflam-
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with the law specifying that before practicing medicine in the
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actually heard during pregnancy, referred to the foetal heart, are owing to
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be of no farther use. When employed in this manner, sutures are some-
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oxcrementitious products that should be removed by a
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able to the, product, and regarded with suspicion when con-
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constant movements. Can assign no cause for the disease. He continued
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the foot is carried to the proper position and flexed there by
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the hot pack ia most suitable and most conveniently employed.
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found on page 309 of "The Humbler Poets" (A. C. McClurg ik Co.).
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to great pains to set my own claims in their proper
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ficers of the state met at Houston, March 21, and perfected a
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rule it should be resorted to only after failure of medical
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corpuscles and pus-corpuscles in the urine, and yet the case
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71 'The Use of the Spray in the Local Treatment of Oynecologie
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follow a harmful acquired taste for too much of the rich
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served, the greater the amount of cell proliferation, the greater
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structure, though less prominent than the other. Its muscular actions are
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is only slight, enucleation may begin; but if much col-
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extending into and occupying the neighbouring cavities, the orbits, sphe-
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emotional nature and had had several hysterical attacks, and
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Kate Nolan, nurses at the Woman's department of the insane
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of the affected muscle, and extending it about five inches, in a semi-lunar
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right hypochondrium, often vomiting, occur, and the
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TJric acid is non-toxic, therefore the general symptoms
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Steamship Company, and the Southern Pacific Railway called