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cating the presence of an intra-ocular tumor even though you may not be

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"As to the disease itself, Dr. Abercrombie's description partakes of his usual

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I rented three rooms in a small house at the corner of River

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abdomen. There was a history of irregular hemorrhage from

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place, very few members of our profession have time,

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only sound treatment ; aspiration is sometimes useful,

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ment and said, "Doctor, do you remember going to my father's. house

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of the symptoms of aneurism, and indicates its situation to be at the right

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within the gall bladder, but also within the abdomen.

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in chloroform. We have before us these compounds made by

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dirt. The disease presupposed some kind of infection,

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Subscription $2.00 per year; $1.50 if paid in advance.

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could, therefore, discern nothing but death and destruction in the

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bacillus. The pleomorphism of the diphtheria bacillus makes this even

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quently they are traversed by bands of pulmonary tissue, containing blood-

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practice until his death at Buzancy, August 1, 1825.