result, perhaps, of the incision having been made not hori-
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ing hifn to sit up for any length of time, particularly if the pulse on
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one typical of the disease as met throughout the country. He
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can be thoroughly extracted, well and good ; but some are very likely to elude
of the heart occurring in place of excessive action of the voluntary muscles. U
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riological examination of the blood from the livid spots gave
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latter, according to their statement, showed his ignorance of the nature and
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radical and t'je expectant methods of treatment; he did not
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quently but a single case comes into question here, namely,
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trate, that of Dr. M. Elezarian, of New York city, which will be
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temperature of 28° to 32° C. represents the most favourable conditions
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two brachial cords formed by the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th cervical, and
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fissural angioma, but the location in embryologic fissures does not
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Many children have lost their lives by considering this inflam-
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Spinal Marrow. — The nerve leading from the diseased and wounded part, was the last dorsal.
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the size of a man's head, involved the sacroiliac region.
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Pleuropneumonia of both lungs developed in the second
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system of education commensurate with the endowment, should
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an exit through the arterioles. When a local area of capillaries is thus
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muco-pUH, and a few mucous shrods, often casts of the follicles
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For the clinical instruction of students the year will be
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ship, Esq. and also, that of a pathological communication,
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and animal, a method which will suffice to prevent for a time the
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after the butter has been infected. Butter, then, is evidenUy a possible
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even under physiologic conditions, the curve of the individual pulse
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carried to the central nervous system and transformed into
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Charles quarantines, or any officer of said Service, on duty at
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He gave the following history : " I was ia the thick of the
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ance caused by a dream. Med. Press & Circ, Lond.. 1888,
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of the most puzzling cases are those in which several cutaneous diseases are
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J. Godlee for permission to publish the details of a case of
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have occured since the commencement of the rebellion, and reports on
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running the fingers along this region, a small cord-like structure
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The most interesting and unique case was one reported by the author.