with an unbroken chain of known conditions and circum-
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salpingitis that does not improve after the uterus has
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has been followed by satisfactory results. The operation most generally
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probe or conductor, maintained by an assistant in the median line with
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blood finding, however, and one that is present in all uncomplicated cases, is
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starvation diet, given sodium sulphate in large doses, and had
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ber of years. He thought the nervous theory of CuUom
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members of the medical profession who might wish for a hearing at
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a little redness of the skin. 3. Over the head of tibia, left side,
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that it had hip disease. I proceeded in the ordinary way and
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On the whole the reports from the use of anticholera sera are not
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transmission from the rectum by way of the clothing has not been fully
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further than to an angle of 50°. As anything above 35° is abnormal,
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*Stenographically reported for this journal by C. C. Mapes, Louisville. Ky.
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general adenitis, the urine quickly becomes loaded with albumin, but shovrs
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for its indirect effects in weakening the heart, soft palate, and larynx. The
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entitled to the services of the ship's surgeon and the ship's medical
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nosis of peripheral paralyses seems to have been en-
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Douglass. On this case he observes, " if no other case had
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tlie v/inter months, and then is put to hard work at once, is apt
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the temporary improvements in myasthenia gravis place the diagnosis
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value of which physicians seem to have lost sight of to some extent,
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can be secured in the usual way ; in the case of larger vessels
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proportionate degree ; and in most, this over-rapidity of disintegration is
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to the kind of sensation they felt before treatment
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the infant starts to creep during the seventh month.
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hibit greatly oftener than the opposite sex the phenomena of chlorosis
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found, that frequently, in these burns it is not best to
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caUed trophic disturbances can be explained by loss of
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the heart was probably not large and the powers of reparation
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duced by the first specimen. It was afterwards found that litmus paper was reddened
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clinical physiologic and pathologic. It treats in orderly sequence, ovulation,
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tirely for having gone far toward placing whiskey not only
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but no organic disease. Treatment : August i6th to 23d,
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a dilatation of the ventricle caused by the disturbed compensation may
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rhage, in the case of a rotten pedicle, for example. A few
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the balance tends to incline to the side of retention, and
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In 1849, Agassiz wrote a very curious account of the effect of mesmerism