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derangements of the sense of sight. A tumour which presses upon the
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hours after a meal, the bicarbonate of sodium is certainly valu-
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such circumstances, we may certainly increase the re-
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factor in the causation of gastric ulcer is a doubtful cause and much
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Big Pees. — The doctors who attended the late King of
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there are many cases in which the same positive diagnosis cannot be
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1 663: This was not incompatible with the sickness that troubled him for a
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ney, and an aortogram revealed partial occlusion of
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commences in the mouth, not only by their admixture with the
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ones (Wiirtz, 1893) ; (4) this microbe is agglutinated by a specific serum
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removed in a few hours on account of the pain and an-
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to the case of a man now lying in King's College Hospital On the
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employment or amusements constitute by far the best course.
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sunny glades on hill-sides bearing a cockade of white flowers
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is also recommended, as tending to diminish the exophthalmos. The treat-
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An eight-grain capsule of quinine, given every four
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charges the function hitherto performed by the ectodenn,
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from the first exposure, and be resumed after 3 weeks from the
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nary consumption, if not of arresting the disease, to a greater extent
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1872. Magendie, 1783-1855. Trousseau, 1801-1866. Claude Bernard,
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mm of mercury and the lethargy, nausea, and daily tempera-
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Subscription Price, lacludlog postage in U. S. and Canada
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after was in Bethlem Hospital for G nios. Fits at irregular intervals ever since, preceded by
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And in the case of a man who was likely to break down or
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an apparent cure is, in the majority of cases, established and maintained.
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In view of the objections to the utilization of the cryoscopic findings, we are
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ment that in none of his cases of gastro-enterostomy
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they exist as distinct species, which we believe to be very doubtful,
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sterilized cultures, from which the dead bodies of the
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cause was given. The onset was gradual, two years ago, with general weak-
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suddenly two days later. Six months after, the woman