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after parturition is peculiarly liable ; especially
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points to be observed in determining this vital question are, the aspect of
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nant biting another ruminant, as observed by Cope and Horsley
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neesk., Amst., 1885, 2. K., xxi, 61-69. — Harlan (G. C.)
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as an isolated, and sometimes alienated individual, she
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to take moderate exercise, short of fatigue. An abundant supply of good
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however, is not specially characteristic, and is much the same
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shooting nature, extending to the forehead, temples, and bones of the face,,
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Rejoiced, That the duties of the treasurer shall be performed by
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panosome described and figured by Hanna is 45-60 /w in length, and 6-8/i in
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places of increased barometric pressure, had a metal chamber
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domen was a good deal distended, but did not cause much distress.
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to the woman in labour, except give her a clyster, and some coffee
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There are various causes of compression of the spinal cord, but the
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may be safely given in divided doses within twenty-four hours, at least for
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or metal. There is an opening at the concavity for the entrance of
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habit and that it is generally obtained by progressive
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3. An assistant should be in readiness, with a good supply
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m. — Recent Official Correspondence relating to L eprosy.
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When very numerous they give a livid hue to the skin, and that appear-
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sion, which often results in rupture of the cervical
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reported to be common in Russia, near Riga, but there are no
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The vaginal portion having thus been drawn down toward the vulva,
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within the past four years, that " the physician who had preceded
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over right apex anteriorly, and upper third of the right lung posteriorly. Inspira-
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