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chloride of iodine, iodide of sulphur ; and not chloride of oxygen,
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Has no urethral discharge, but catarrh of the bladder
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will be informed, unless it is assumed that he knows it
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can occur, just big enough to produce a dizzy spell, a little
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from dried portions of the gland were employed. Following the injection
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unlike most works of the kind, a production of the British press. In
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usual. The number of cases that have been described
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Dr. Welch referred to a case of anthracosis in which
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congruent with the description and course of echinococcus of the lung,
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was the fibula completely absent; in the other two it was present in a rudi-
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Dr. Eugene L. Bauer has opened an office in the Low-
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has operated successfully upon twenty such cases and
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sion of countenance which belongs to a maniacal patient. Under these
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beyond recognition. The working out of serial homologies is
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cently reported a case of congenital hereditary malformation of the
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saw a case as early. as 1786. He wrote on the subject soon afterward,
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urine contained much albumin. The temperature was subnormal.
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it is quite firmly -R^edged in the dura mater , it must not be forcibly
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discriminate. It may be difficult to assign certain cases
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to " play the game for their side." It is all too pathetically apparent to-day
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times the body lodges in one of the bronchial tubes (generally the
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those who are specially interested in the subject are requested to
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action may be attributed to creasote, eucalyptol, pure carbolic acid, the
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mucilage of gum arable and glycerin with two parts of an in-
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Sequelae, — In old chronic cases with extensive ulceration large cica-
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terior part of the internal capsule. The history of the case leads us
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where the patient, to whom perfect rest and quiet are essential,
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of rue, seethe together in water, give it to the patient