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form of a disease of the lungs, attended with cough, ex-
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only followed by albuminuria, but there are also shown at the
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often causes slow development of the vesicle, which may not appear for
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st-mptoms, in which puncture is scarcely indicated, because, though delirium
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most marked in three situations: at the base of the cortex adjoining the
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toxic there were repeated convulsions, but he made a good recovery and no
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thoroughly studied by Neisser and Wechsberg. The work of Ribbert with
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oughly studied as that of variola, but the investigations of Pohl-Pincus (1882),
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The passage of the tube is chiefly of value in acute
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with this localization, against which bactericidal serum is valueless. Such
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sleep, overwork, overworry, underfeeding, alcoholism, etc. — predisposes to
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cedure in 300 cases and considers that positive results can be obtained in
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company retained the policy. The applicant never called
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Contact infection and the drying of sputum should be guarded against.
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an infected region may enjoy unlimited freedom as long as some supervision
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study of the various authorities who have illustrated
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little to our knowledge of their more intimate structure or nature. Up to 1904
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■\nncing statements of the value of this procedure. Fresh air stimulates the
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come to assume a complex form, in which medical knowledge
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results have hitherto been gained by the use of serum.
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26 per cent, of the users of this supply had typhoid fever. The milk-supply
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Incontinence of Urine. — This is most frequent in patients who are dull
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rapid fall, and the third in which there is practically no change or even a fall.
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14. Malignant Disease. — In certain instances where this occurs with
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recovered. Creosote, either pure or in form of the carbonate, has been
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favor of husband. Especial attention is paid to normality
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Veterinary Surgery." Cloth, size 6 3-4 x 10, 264 pagans,
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yond that age the female life has an increased expectation of
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President appointed Drs. Hamill and Fisher tellers.
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and a negative result should not be given too much weight after some weeks
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and organized veterinary literature. 19li6 edition,
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buboes will be effective until fluctuation suggests incision and drainage.
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warns him of the approach of evil and saves him from con-
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The danger nearly always comes from keeping them in infected water.
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medical director would doubtless afford enough subjects for
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(1 gm.); for a child 5 to 10 grs. (0.3-0.61 gm.), repeated three times a day.
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thus being on the alert many cases of uraemia can be avoided
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out of sleep apparently much alarmed At times there may be marked