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and gave the following rules for its administration :
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with excrement! tious matter ; and it is claimed that diphtheria is espec-
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repeated. In many instances a number of observations were
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eases, it will be evident to those who are at the trouble to peruse
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the inner surface of the skull very rough. This ridge was due to
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pqual conditions there is no reason to suppose that one would furnish a greater
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The encephaloid tissue is more frequently met with in the uterus and
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are often enabled to detect pathologic changes, par-
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the negative ion produced by ultra-violet light, was approx-
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reaching, perhaps, 40 or even 60 in the minute ; and the tongue bectunes
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tissues of the parent and the life of the child. Neither do we approve, as
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was acknowledged ; we must take care it was not o\er-
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quently it follows that in rather more than half of the cases of
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laceration of great vessels secondary to blunt chest trauma. Radiology .
obtained by different laboratory workers with the same specimen
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practice, while the invariable amiability of his disposition
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malignant new growths of the vulva. In medical literature
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is now to be presented to you, shall carve out a colossal statue, want-
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Dr. GiBNEY agreed, that traction could not materially affect
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A product of modern research offered to the medical profession by
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of the Income Tax, " how he lived ?" he replied, " by
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Middle lobe of prostate cleft in halves and necrotic
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In view of the fact that no work has done so much to put
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* Hans Gervais, Inaugural Dissertation, Breslau, January, 1891.
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Dr. H n commenced his professional career during the late war with
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have been able to make a probable diagnosis of typhoid
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mainder of this chapter will be devoted to the consideration of diabetes
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cess. There is a change in the disposition; they become irritable,
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South Africa since the advent of the East Indian troops m the
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tumor enlarged so as to be readily palpable on the right side.
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Such are the walls of the crural canal, or, at least, the ex-
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disorders of motility without paralysis. It can be produced (a) by alteration
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aged with hot, soft poultices — Linseed meal is the best — until it
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some cases it may be impossible to distinguish between the two diseases
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Medfield, a town of the State of Massachusetts, whence it spread gra-
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SENILE CHOREA. This form of chorea occurs in old age, or earlier
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these twelve were returned as unvaeciuated, three vaccinated,
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weight for twelve months, but her general health was reasonably good^