that the words "Lying-in.'' '"Smallpox," and "Syphilitic," signify, the first a

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course of the optic nerves through the chiasm and optic

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The Greene County Medical Society held a meeting in Xenia on May

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void. .\s a measure of relief to the innocent victiiiis of

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favor of the belief that the abnormalities seen in Figure 13 were not

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dents, Drs. C. M. Culver, of Albany, Rosa Engelmann,

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acutely affected, though head-ache, giddiness, loss of memory,

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tecomes white and foul, but red at the point and borders ; it

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The same firm also announce a new edition of " Morton's Anatomy/'

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these cases. Neosalvarsan was discontinued in the treatment of all

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Lehnert, Henry C., located in St. Peter in September, 1865. He was a

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1 Kead at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of

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inspect the line of wound, and spongeitclean without disturbing

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and a hemorrhagic infarction results within the district, the artery of which

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disease, in Braunwald E (ed) Heort Disease A Textbook of

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3. The yellow birch, which like gaultheria contains methyl salicylate in

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Symjjtomatohvjy. — When any woman presents herself suffer-


The early symptoms are chills of a mild type ; the patient

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who was driving a cart-load of pigs, came into violent col-

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or disease, and his condition, together with such remarks as the visit-

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bloody ; the pulse small, frequent, and often intermitting, accompa-

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instead of what our critics suppose the more properly

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3 . Weekly Urological Clinical letter, 27:2, July 4,

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can ascertain pretty accurately what there may be interposed.

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the operation, he remains well. In both these cases Mr. Bryant

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graver is the prognosis which you are com- \ perspiration streaming from every pore,

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than the normal amount of saliva is secreted. Its causes are various:

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Thefe confiderations induce us to think tliat diabetes irellitiis i» not,

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fered with profuse salivation, enlargement of the sub-