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for I have observed it to take place after the period of foot-ball training

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facturer and the date of manufacture of his adhesive rubber

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area, and about fifteen hundred cubic feet of air-space. Larger air-space

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same, and that either condition did not exist simply,

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1883-4, iii, 178. — Papagiancs (E. ) Avo TrepiTrriucreis

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attempt careful compression, and, where this fails, proceed to the opera*

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clear to us. In this question all our difficulties lie gathered together.

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2 The other organs could not be examined, owing to opposition met with on the

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horse. The immune sera and the extracts were tested with cor-

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March 10^.— A trace of albumen was observable. It steadily increased in amount ;


feel also that when we can in any way reduce the disability from ap-

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condition is real. This brief sketch represents a class of cases with which

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It is of vital importance and of immense prof^nostic value

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Petit, and had succeeded in injecting them with carmine.

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pancreatitis have also in some instances been present.

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Cotemporaneously with Molyneaux, we have but little to

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an evidence that the vascular system possesses its full quantum or

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aged 55. Interestingly enough, even with this reduction, life