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administered chloroform and opened up the wound in the
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that the excess of butter was not in itself the cause of the thyroid
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medicines gathered out of Hipocrates, Galen and Avicen. [London]
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des Menschen, Funfter Band, zweite Abth., also Fig. 164, page 436, of
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XV, 168-171. — lUariani (A.) Intornoaun case di nevrite
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Hospitals, etc ; Professor Sormani, of Pavia, a;id Dr. G.
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limits of the jurisdiction of the Clerkenwell Police Court ; but the
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great discharge followed the birth ; but it was soon discovered
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Has no urethral discharge, but catarrh of the bladder
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burg, Pa. The next annual meeting will be held in New
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Layard and others, are still extant. Lutz states that up to the
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that his entire loss much exceeded one half his normal
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Still it is no disparagement of the remedial powers of mercury