should be punctured and the contents allowed to run out. Every one
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^ In the preparation of sugar-free broth the meat infusion, before the addition
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ibund in the familiar fact, that, on the exhaustion of air from a cup
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Stated meeting, March 22, 1895, Dr. T. S. Bullock, President, in the chair.
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the congestion of the lungs following mitral disease. (2) Hy-
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organs of the body; in which respect a tumour in this situation
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after was in Bethlem Hospital for G nios. Fits at irregular intervals ever since, preceded by
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or general meningitis, by thrombosis of the cavernous, petrosal, and superior
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of patients, not to exist. The rise in old age found by him, was based
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ing, the intellect remains clear and unaffected. Death at
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subsequent bubbling of air into the pericardium, proved the existence of
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tion. For example, we quote from s])r. Love who is at
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desire to lower ambient carbon monoxide levels even
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them combined, can fit him so well for the cure of western
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by the woman, and which, in the absence of other positive
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The sadly sudden death of Le^i k II m i 8 \n bj enrolls another name
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(bulbar haemorrhage) ; most frequently the apoplexy comes on slowly,
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the edges of the wound together, in breast operations,
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and day by day the food should be prescribed in increasing amounts
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protection to the rights of qualified Practitioners. But of what
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which could be distinctly made out by the exploring finf>;er.
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dix was found lying flat along the cecum over its whole ex-
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98°. During that time the symptoms slowly subsided, the
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Clientele (La) d im m6decin peut-elle faireTobjet d'une
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tion (see also Alexander, Thayer, Wynn, and Landis 1 ). The hands look
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should not be in the least oppressed, and the operator must be
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paresis of external rectus of one eye. On examination, I found the child with
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much alK)ve normal, and therefore there is little use
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/L-G^ck^r cr^«—<±- £*^i£-0^-€~ C*^-i~o£- ^-&-^<9-i^o— ' &->-<-- £^U!~' s*. -rx~-£e^>~ c~~&-
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Herpes circinatus is distributed in circular patches or rings.
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dily suppose that Mr. Marshall and his apprentices prefer