The system of election of Medical officers to our charitable

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prevention of immunizable diseases. The most impressive

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with its proximal, middle, and distal isthmuses and reservoirs (spindles).

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give the patient food, since it will not be adequately digested.

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upon the general system through hypercongestion of the

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Fig. 213. Cercomonas hominis: Length, 9 to 11/x; width, SM (Davaine) (after Roos).

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ately disappeared upon the removal of the hand, the flatus

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with Regard to its Influence on the Fertility of Women. The paper was

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fractures. His recent extensive personal experience as a military surgeon, and

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heart was much distended, and both the auricle and ventricle

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phurous odor, which in such way is made barely perceptible

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from the character and intensity of the suffering ; from the perfect

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He believes there are very few cases in which some cardiac tonic

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Case XIII. — This patient was transfused on three occasions.


observed 1,383 cases of tuberculosis in children, 245 of which (17.2 per cent)

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with as little as possible of anaphylactic shock-producing substances.

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was only necessary to count the number of breaks in the time line on the

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ments and their smaller returns, the stagnation of trade in

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sources of sewage pollution of our drinking-water shall

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Malcame, followed in 1825 by those of Caleb Parry. Since that time