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will be composed of clinical and scientific presentations
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Columbia Harry S. Buckingham, Berwick William G. Berryhill, Orangeville
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It has the form of a slightly bent rod, a little thicker but not
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of his parents' and grandparents' lives. — Medical Times.
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only a part of a complete study. I believe analysis of
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muscle, there being nothing but the action of the detrusor urinae
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10 — Mrs. Jay G. Linn, 36 Altadena Drive, Pittsburgh.
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Economics be instructed by the House of Delegates to
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have no space, now, to repair our injustice by a review o
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ical cost. It would not be worth while to discuss it
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rect the physical defects, such as removing diseased
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activities were duplicating activities of these two com-
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duodenum and stomach, the effect of dysfunction caused
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This is offered as a warning to health authorities to be
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is seriously interested in health as it affects war
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but, as a matter of fact, the good-natured old doctor here described
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In truth, the petitioners represented physicians who
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are effective only if the patient is breathing or if some
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the donation. It was the consensus that industry need
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We hope that we, of this generation, may transmit to the next
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Pittsburgh. For four years after his graduation from
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the organ Hies back to its false position as if with a si)ring. The
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further the venereal disease control effort in his com-
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treatment of all parts of the human body, whether by spray,inje :bio.i, irrigation,
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14 mo. °f carcinoma of the colon to its maximum de-
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teristic offensive fsecal odor ; but generally the bowels remain
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precordium and the left rib border for the past four
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therapeutical expedient which requires, and will probably well
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addition to being fatigued and afraid, is dehydrated.
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of Health. Let me declare my belief that the general
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The higher the temperature, the drier the air. This
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negative and the family history positive, antitoxin is
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Erie Norbert D. Gannon, Erie John F. Hartman, Jr., Erie
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scientific and clinical sessions will be given on the re-
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After the meeting the Society was entertained by the
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Assistant Secretary: Henry G. Munson, 4935 Catherine
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but to its improper preservation. There are only two
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nually through illness of the gainfully employed is our
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Medical and Surgical Masquerades of the Depressed States (Lantern Demonstration)
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urged us to do our part in contributing to the Medical