invariably present in cases of peritonitis developed in connection with the
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chest often occur without giving rise to general pleuritis. Persons receiv-
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mirses," "rest cure," "massage," "faradization," "galvanization," "static electrization," "Swedish
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tumefaction of the abdomen, impaired appetite, excessive flow of saliva,
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But, by industry, economy, and the blessing of God, thiey were
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sternum, attended with symptoms of oppressed breathing and
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of the trichinal disease. In a youno- o-irl who died after an illness of seve-
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increased in frequenc}', and a sense of the want of air, or d3\spna?a, is felt,
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red and swollen, and exquisitely painful : tongue coated with a
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a hope that the functions of life would now go on without further
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small after seventy. Males are affected more frequently than females, the
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the form of nonrishment best taken. When the abscesses point they may
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of the patient to come up wonderfully under its use. It was the
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medical teaching thus designated properly enough embraces the preven-
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of Ciecitis, is of not very infrequent occurrence, and will be noticed in
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no kind of pulsation was detected, and even in those cases where
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already been said, I was induced, after finding out by minute
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disordered functions, and to support the powers of life, are indicated, and
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and has been vomited directly it accumulates witliin the stomach.
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is not common, the cough is, at first and for some time, slight, dry, hack-
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capillary, the orifices through which the blood escapes being too minute
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the patients of other physicians, when there was not tiie least ex-
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etlicacious by keeping the sphincter ani in a state of contraction, and by
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of distinction, the term exudations should be restricted to solid or semi-
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first ascertained, are secondary; they involve in their causation antece-
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pylorus or stomach. Exclusive of the cases in which the cardiac orifice
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point distinctly to this affection. Pain exists if the hepatitis be near the
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It should be strongly suspected when cough and febrile movement are
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Passive hyperitmia is liable to occur in the dependent portions of the
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While the above formulae have been in use, in private practice, over 30 years, and we could ^ive testimonials
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The volume is a distinct help to the student, and is a necessary suppleiaent to the sys-
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mental ehanges which precede a etorm, and less frequently
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chiefly from eating trichinous pork not subjected to processes of cooking
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0) One-half to one fluid drachm In WATER or SYRUP every hour,
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latter usually occurring first; the acts of vomiting and purging are vio-
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Presenting the comforts of an elegant private residence,
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inconvenience from its use. There was nothing in the taste or
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For Treatment : In addition to the ordinary remedial agents, it has a Sun Parlor and Promenade on the roof.
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marked degree, in epidemic cholera, owing to the draining awa^', through
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hemorrhage takes place without any other exciting cause. It takes place